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Quatro 15 kW UPS system - Ii it approved for AS 4777.2

Hi Guys

I'm reading that the Victron inverters are not approved under AS4777.2 for grid connection (ESS).

Dose this apply if its just setting up a 15 kW Quatro as a UPS system and not wanting to export energy to the grid ?

Can i still get STCs if i connect a fronius inverter on the output side of the Quatro, as its approved and would help charge the batteries in off grid mode.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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These are not approved for 4777.2 2020 only the Multiplus2 2-5Kw under Appendix M certificates, can be used in a certain way.

As the law stands 4777.2.2015 still would apply as not ratfied into law yet.

The only way to do that is use a grid protecion relay like a Tele or ComAp device. at a aprox cost of $1000.


Rob D


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