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Wiring BMV-712 two 6-volt batteries, Magnum Inverter/Charger for Res Frig & IntelliPower 9200

I have 2, 6-volt AGM batteries in my 5th wheel wired as 12-volt.

A Mangum MMS1012 charger/inverter is connected directly to the batteries and it powers my residential frig when disconnected from shore power. In the battery photo, these wires are the heavy gauge red and black wires.

There are 2 additional sets of positive & negative wires connected to the batteries that disappear into the 5th wheel but assume they go to my Intell-Power 9200. The Intelli-power also charges and maintains the batteries along with the Magnum inverter.

I also have a battery disconnect switch.

Reading the directions for the Victron BMV-712, I need to install the shunt on the negative that is grounded to the chassis but the way mine is wired from the factory, I can't tell which is the chassis ground.

How should I wire this setup so the Victron can accurately give me my battery usage? It appears that I have two different sets of wires that will pull from the batteries, the Magnum for the res Frig and the other wires for everything else 12V in the coach.

Any thoughts?



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