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limiting shore power current in on AC1 on a Quattro 24/8000 Fw 433

On a 2 x Quattro 24/8000 unit in Parallel fw 433

I have configured the AC1 in current limit to 10amps on each Inverter tried 15 tried 20 all the same and Yes I have done it on BOTH inverters

as per the below , yet its not switching to assist and limiting the units as you can see its still outputting 9Kw from the shore power.

I have also tried lowering the AC2 in down as well (just in case but this also made no difference).

I have re downloaded the setups from the inverters to check that they have been applied and all have been applied

The 20 amp setting is showoing in the CCGX unit and I can also change it there and still no diferance

has anyone got a idea s to why

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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They are in pass through mode, they don't abide to the input current settings then.

Why are they in pass through? battery empty? low SOC setting reach? scheduled charging?

This is one of the downsides of ESS mode, input current limit is not enforced in a number of situations. I hope this is changed soon as this is a critical function of peak-shaving systems.

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well thats interesting,

as scheduled charging was played with when I had the ESS setup before

NOW THATS BEEN REMOVED it should not be working at all

however to check

I have reinstalled the ESS assistant on the inverters and what do you know all the scheduled charging settings are still there.

so I have removed those and also the grid set point setting were still there as well


so it looks like once set these still stay in the RAM settings even if the assistant is removed

NOT good, as this will be a possible trap for others .

I think I will reload the firmware on both units so that the settings are ALL back to a default state. next time I am on site

That was a good pointer to the possible Issue. THANKS

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