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Connecting Smartsolar 150/70 ve.can to N2K network kills the network

Hi all!

I have a fully functineing NMEA 2000 network on my boat. I am trying to add a Smartsolar 150/70 using a Victron ve.can-NMEA 2000 cable. The fuse is removed. A soon as i attach the cable to the N2K network i start getting network form error. I get over 200 errors/second. Removing the cable its back to normal.

An Error 20 is a “Form Error” which is….

CAN Form Errors

In CAN, the End of Frame, ACK Delimiter, and CRC Delimiter are all fixed format fields that are always recessive. If a node detects a dominant bit in any of these, a form error will be flagged.

Any suggestions?

NMEA 2000 - N2K
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