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New VictronConnect Feature - Direct Interface with CCGX or VenusGX via WiFi/LAN

I just found this video by chance on Victron Professional, it seems like a very neat new feature where Victron Connect now searches WiFi/LAN as well as Bluetooth for products & you can directly access a CCGX or VenusGX - check it out;

Could someone please confirm that this functionality would just require a simple/cheap WiFi dongle plugged into the CCGX to get this working?

I'm excited! :-)

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Hi Mark,

I have moved this one over to the Mods page until it is ready for prime time. Though it is already a public feature, it is only the first version it is available.

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

No worries Guy - it's all good!

I wasn't aware that it's 'that new' with the video clip released on YouTube & functionality in the publically released version of VictronConnect.

I think it will be a winner when it's fully up & running - particularly for setups without full Internet access & the other alternatives.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ Mark ♦♦ commented ·

I agree it is a much needed feature especially with new VGX setup. It also has much scope for improvement.

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geomz answered ·

Just tested it on iOS device.

Works only with the latest (Mar 8) release.

Took a long time to find my CCGX.

Required that I kill the app (twice) before it started working.

Then a new GX node showed up, below my BMV.

Basically it either opens a safari window to VRM or the GX's console. There is really no "integration" per se. It's more like a safari shortcut (which I already had).

But if someone doesn't already have a browser shortcut to their console, this would be a handy way to "discover" their GX device :)

I don't think it requires wifi specifically. It's using upnp discovery, which should work over both LAN and WLAN connected devices.

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geomz avatar image geomz commented ·

Aaaaand it's already broken :)

Not repeatable. After I exit the app, I have to keep refreshing, over and over, and killing the app to get it to come back :(

Nice idea and is a good direction. Would love to see actual integration (like opening the console *in* VC) and much faster device discovery.

But for now, sticking with my shortcuts...

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ geomz commented ·

That's a shame...

I guess that it's still in the preliminary stages as I can't seem to find any other info about it.

Hopefully whatever bugs exist can be ironed out.

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