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Can I dump to grid when my batteries reach a certain charge?

Say my batteries reach 90%, can I trigger a dump to grid?

Am using Home Assistant and modbus for control.

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have you figured it out somehow please?

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You can use NodeRed to shift the Gridsetpoint based on solar production and charging power to that effect. It will not comletely stop charge/discharge but a few watts in/out won't harm.
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which gridsetpoint values are you using in practical pls?
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Using Node Red, locally on the GX or externally via Modbus you can do pretty much anything you want, prividing th system is configured to support that operation/mode. How are you set up, ESS?

I would recomend working out what manual operations / setpoint changes, are required to achieve yor goal and then automate once you have a plan that works.

I do not export so cant help with spaciffics. I can help with Modbus and Node Red. BTW there are occasionally things that can be achieved using an external controller that you cant do manually.

Case in point... I use DVCC on a 24/5000 Multi (Cerbo GX) to control DC charge current. It means I can have the grid connected and feeding my loads with Assist available, but not charge the battery at all. (Reasons)

As far asI know the only other way to do this is with an assistant that takes a physical input and manages the charger. I do not think there is a 'Setting' fo it on the console.

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