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DC or AC Invertor


Quick question whether should go AC or DC Invertor.

I have Victron Setup with 2 x 250/85 mppt charging a large battery bank. and a multiplus 5000/24v connected to the grid doing a load share if the house loads gets too high (Over 4kw)

Also have an AC feed invertor on the roof suppling the house and using the excess solar to charge the battery's on a existing feed in tariff (25 per unit :-))

I have got a 7.2kw zappi car charger and would like to use solar to charge the car.

I now have an extra 20 x 250w solar panels that I would like to add to the system. Do I go AC or DC?

1. Buy additional Victron Mppt's and another Multiplus and charge the car

2. Do I buy an ac invertor and feed directly to the Zappi? - The Zappi is far more geared up to looking at excess ac solar than Dc (Currently cant handle DC excess). I guess I could still use the excess ac solar to charge the batteries thru the multi.?

Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks.

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