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Why is the node-red-contrib-rfxcom node in Node-red not working in the "large" version?

I have a rfxcom device working on a rpi 3b+ running Node-red. I can control 433mhz switches and I read data from my 433mhz weather station. Working just fine.

If I connect that same device to my other rpi 3b+ running Venus os 2.82 large 30 (Node-red) than that node is just not working. Same goes for the node that controls my ultrasonic distance sensor (node-red-pisrf). With that I measure the level of a rainwater tank.

I had the same problem with the gpio pins (node-red-contrib-gpio) but I found a solution for that. I can control the gpio pins now without a problem and the node works ok now.

So....does anybody know how to get this working under Venus os large? Maybe some hints on where to start or look for a solution? If this is not possible then is there another system available for controling switches that will work on Venus? For my project I need to remotely control some power plugs. No possibility too hard wire.

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I do not know what may be causing this, but you may need to check the drivers for the fdti chip, if it is the usb version you are using.

Check if the fdti driver is loaded in dmesg, and if the serial port is created under /dev

Whether the serial port is occupied by venus-os

Serial port rights (has node-red read write access)

Have had that problem with serial port under venus-os, but have not researched any further on how to release the port for other purposes.

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@Johnny Brusevold

Thanks for your reply. Yes that rfxcom device is connected to USB.

Everything you mentioned sounds like a strange language to me right now but at least I have a point where i can start. So I will read up on usb and serial ports the coming weeks. Thanks!

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