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Save critical loads when Multi fails

As my Multigrid didn't come back after a power outage (Error 11), the critical loads (fridge & heating) didn't come back on-line either. :o(

To avoid this in the future I do see two options

1. connect the critical loads to the grid an forget the UPS function


2. monitor grid down and grid recover and check if ACout1 is back after grid recover. In case ACout1 remains off, switch critical loads from ACout1 to Grid

Before I start developing...did anybody already create such a simple watch dog ?

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You could use an automatic transfer relay, with preference for the inverter output.

But I'd just get the system sorted to work well. Maybe get a technician on site to check everything?

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Txs for the hint, I'll look for such a relay.
Of course I want the system working well, see here, but the situation has shown me the weak point in the setup. So the watchdog is by backup, for the backup :)

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I just finished mounting my Victron setup, for normal loads and critical loads. I also see this as a severe vulnerability for my system. If for some reason, Victron Multiplus fails during my vacations, even if i have grid power, i will loose my fridge. In my tests, if i shutdown the batteries, it gets the power from the grid to the critical loads, but not when i shut down victron or victron has some error, as you stated.

Did you found a workaround for this? What was your approach?


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