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Orion Tr Smart wire sizing

Wondering if anyone else has dealt with wiring these units and deals with the same internal dilemma.

For the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12/30 30amp DC-DC charger, Victron manual suggests using a 60amp fuse. So, if you size your wire for 60amps, at a run of 20ft, ensuring 3% voltage drop, you would need 4awg cable. I know you could get away with a high grade marine 6awg or even 8awg cable, but I always want to go by the book when setting things up for customers.

Problem is, the inputs/outputs on the Orion charger can only handle up to 8awg crimped inputs. I guess if you just twisted the wire up and stuck it in there, you MIGHT be able to fit 6awg. But that isn't the right way.

So what I've been doing is cutting away enough wire strands at the terminals, and sticking a 8awg terminal on the end. img-1286.jpg

Has anyone else done this? In terms of safety (or longevity of the inputs) I think it should be fine. My thinking is, the only real reason you need this large gauge wire is to limit voltage loss across that long wire run; once it makes that run unattended, it should be fine going through a smaller terminal.

FWIW, even these 4awg cables get warm with 30amps max running through them. I can't imagine using 8awg (as Victron seems to want you to).

But maybe I'm missing something. Thoughts?

orion-tr smart
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Your photo shows a nice crimped ferrule. I've found I can use 6awg and with a square crimped ferrule and it fits in the terminal, but just barely. I doubt 4awg would fit. I believe the manual for the Orion says a 60 amp fuse and up to 6awg wire.

I have had the thought they could have given the terminals both more space between the terminals and made them a bit bigger, but we have what we have. I have not clipped strands off, but I don't do this work professionally and can't comment on that aspect.

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