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MPPT 75/10 load output turning off on firmware update (India)

Hi All,

We have several instrumentation projects in India and have deployed over 350 of your:
1. Blue power smart charger IP65
2. Bluepower MPPT 75/10 solar controller.

The smart charger is working fine and predictably, no complaints.

We are having issues with the MPPT controller which include:
1. Its settings defaulting back to 12V operation from 24,
2. Not remembering settings when our field teams connect via cell phone over bluetooth (using
the USB bluetooth dongle), the unit asks for a FW upgrade. They upgrade the unit, it looks
fine, load in the config, leave the site and the unit again goes back to 12V operation.

3. Every once in a while device cut off the load even the batteries and PV is working fine, the load cut off value is set to 21.5 volt but controller cut it on 26 volt and it never turn it on, we have to send a person to that location multiple times with Bluetooth dongle to fix the issues, once we upgrade the firmware and user defined config file it works fine for some time and then go again into same mode.

The India dealer is Auroville Eenergy Products and the only support they offer is to replace
the units. We have had this problem at many sites, at least 50 so it cannot be so many
failures. Auroville really doesn't know how any of this stuff actually works.

We are getting to the point where we might be forced to use another brand of solar controller
unless we can figure out a way to stop this. I know your products are well engineered as I
have used them for over 20 years in projects all over the world but our back is against the
wall. Its not only costing us a small fortune in site visits but our reputation is taking a
beating to these malfunctions.

Could we get some technical support on this issue? We're not getting any from Auroville and we
are desperate.

MPPT Controllers
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kevgermany answered ·

While you're waiting for an answer here, I suggest you escalate. Contact your distributor, the info you need is on

amongst other things it has a link to the distributor map. There are four in India listed.

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