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MPPT 75/10 load output is physically always on, cannot be shut off


we use an MPPT 75/10 SmartSolar in one of our projects for charging a battery through pv and powering our system through the load output. Recently the load output is not behaving the way it is configured through the app via bluetooth. Regardless of what is configured the load output is always "on", meaning there is always the battery voltage on the output and any connected loads are always powered. Effectively, the MPPT does not physically shut off the load output.

We do not have a jumper connected nor do we use the street light functionality.

All software functionality seems to work fine. If we set the loading alrogithm to "always on" or "always off", it is shown correctly in the overview view. If the load is "on", the software measures the current correctly. If "off", the software does not measure the load current anymore although the physical load output is still switched on.

The firmware is the most current version and resetting to factory defaults didn't help.

How can the load output be fixed?

Can our system be a problem here which could have damaged the MPPT controller? The load we have connected are two DC/DC converts (for 24V and 5V) where we have a 50W pump and some 10W valves running on 24V and an automation controller (2W) on the 5V output. All in all it shouldn't be too much and inrush current spikes seem to be very unlikely (the pump has a controller which starts it very slowely).

Any help appreciated!

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Paul B answered ·

Hi if its not allowing you to turn it always off by the load selection - then please take it back to who you purchased it off for testing.

Also of note - I did try this always off load setting in the victron connect demo software and even there it did not turn off ( as far as the screen display showed that is)- however under demo on the larger Mppt (250-100) real remote version of the unit it did allow the relay to be be controlled - Thus it maybe a software bug - So please take it back to your supplier for testing. ( I dont have any remote stites that have the smaller 10 or 15 amp versions. so I can test this for you.)

Also if you have updated the firmware at about the same time as the issue appearing then then this may also point that way.

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