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Handy tool Request re Parralled Multiplus or Quattros

Has anyone got this type of software tool or could make one available -

I have a system that has 4 x Multiplus 3000 24v 50amp pass through 220v units on fw490 connected in Parrelle also a site with 5 x 48 v 5000 multiplus units all with a Cerbo GX and internet connection so its all on the VRM

A handy tool would be the ability to see that the AC amps/Volts IN and the AC amps Volts OUT for each of the Paralleled units on each individual unit basis as a live feed- even DC in/out for each unit as well would be nice. ( at the moment all we see is a consolidated figure)

This would be nice to be able to view under the Cerbo's remote access

this would be be great to see so we could diagnose a system that the AC and or the DC cables were NOT the same length thus seeing that one unit was working way harder than another unit - and or look for bad connections.

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