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BYD BMU - Access via the Ethernet Port

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows the username and password to Access BYD's LV BMU Premium via the Ethernet port rather than WiFi?

As standard you configure the BMU via an app or software and connect to the BMU via WiFi. The WiFi ID and password are printed on a sticker on the side of the BMU.

However it seems after some period of operation of the battery the WiFi in the BMU shuts down so you can't reconnect with it at a later date to diagnose issues or extract data. The only way to reconnect via WiFi is to shut down the battery and power it back up again - thus the WiFi then reappears. I assume this is for security purposes which makes sense however it is a pain to have to reset the system just to reconnect.

I was able to determine the MAC address of the Ethernet Port of the BMU and assign it a fixed IP address in my DHCP server. However when I try and access the IP address via explorer/Chrome/etc. the website asks for a username and password however I have tried everything I can think of and I can't get in ("WiFi ID"/BYDB-Box, Installer/BYDB-Box, admin/BYDB-Box, BYD/BYD, BYD/BYDB-Box,.....).

Just wondering if anyone knows what the default username and password is to access the BMU via Ethernet on the local network?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards,

Tristan Bayly


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tabrocky answered ·

Hi All,

I spoke to BYD about connecting to there LV BMU Premium via the wired Ethernet connection.

Unfortunately the wired connection is only for configuration of the BMU's WiFi interface and also for the factory to remotely access the BMU to push out updates or diagnose issues as required.

To me it sounds like it is possible to access the battery data via the Ethernet Connection however it seems BYD don't make this facility available to the end user. Rather the only user/installer interface for monitoring and diagnosis is via the WiFi connection.

They did indicate the Wifi interface times out 6hrs after activation for security reasons and can be easily re-activated at any time by pressing the button briefly on the BMU.

Hopefully this info may help others with BYD LV batteries.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

That's a question you should ask BYD.

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Hi Matthias. Indeed. I plan to ask BYD when I can get in contact with them.

However surely I'm not the first person to connect Ethernet to the BYD BMU and try to access via Ethernet instead of WiFi? I though others may have run into this issue and hence my reason for asking here given the number of Victron/BYD systems out there.