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Orion 24/12-25 vulnerable to reverse EMF on output?

I have an Orion 24/12-25 supplying my NMEA 2000 busses and, via a switch, the low-energy coil of solenoid operated isolator. The steady state operating load on the output is around 6A.

Yesterday, I was operating the isolator when the Orion died. Both internal 15A fuses had blown. I replaced the fuses and put a meter across the input terminals which revealed they were now on a dead short,

The solenoid is diode suppressed against reverse EMF, but a scope across the coil shows that there is still some leakage of reverse voltage when the coil operates.

My question is: should I view my failure as just "one of those things" or is this Orion device vulnerable to transients on its outputs which could cause this mode of failure?


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