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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 230V AC 24V/16A tripping RCBO


We installed a Blue Smart IP22 Charger 230V AC 24V/16A battery charger with mains protection provided by a 6A RCBO. This RCBO is tripping from time to time. The cause is then likely to be either earth leakage being higher than the 30mA rating of the RCBO, or the inrush current being too high; the steady current is well within the rating of the RCBO. Can you tell me what the inrush current is for this product as I can't find it in the data sheets?

What is the expected earth leakage?

I see other people have had similar issues with chargers. If the data is available then we can specify an appropriate circuit protection device to stop the tripping. We thought we'd made sufficient allowance for the likely inrush current.

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