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Multiplus II and Quattro II 48/10000 horizontal orientation

Given that these new inverter/chargers are a lot taller than the older ones (e.g. 48/10000 is 677mm tall instead of 470mm) is there any problem with mounting them horizontally in applications with restricted height (like a boat)?

If this is OK (I assume it is but fans will run more often...) is there a preferred (or non-preferred) orientation (e.g. on left side/right side/back) or doesn't it matter?

(yes I know the Quattro II 48/10000 hasn't been released yet but I expect this to happen before I need it later in 2022...)

Can they turn on extra external fans when the internal fans come on?

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This post answers the question on fans

It is not ideal going horizontal, since heat likes to go up and the cooling in the unit is designed to move the heat upwards as well.

As long as the recommended space around the unit is kept and also the compartment it is installed in remains as a manageable temperature then you should be ok.

Just watch for the thermal derating.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm well aware that horizontal mounting is not ideal, the internal cooling air path is bottom==>top via the internal fans, so these will come on at a lower output power (no convection cooling) and run for longer. But there's no choice, the equipment compartment in the stern of the boat is only about 550mm high...

The compartment will have forced ventilation (cool air blown in, hot air sucked out, 270m3/hr fans) to keep temperatures down, because there's also a diesel generator in there -- so the ambient temperature should be fine, probably lower than in most normal use cases with the unit vertically mounted.

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