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Incorrect Multiplus AC Current Measurement

A customer is using 2 x Multiplus-II 5kVA in parallel with a Cerbo GX and an EM24 (CT) energy meter. The system monitors three phases but is only installed on one.

The Cerbo GX is not displaying the correct AC Current on the Input and Output of the Multiplus, found under the Device Menu > Multiplus. Please see the attached screenshot. The Power measurement seems to be correct, as is the voltage and frequency. Which would suggest the AC current is being measured, but not displayed.

Parkin No AC Current MEasurement.PNG

The EM24 meter is being used for grid readings. However the Multiplus must still be measuring.

I was wondering under what circumstances would the Cerbo GX not display the AC current readings of the Multiplus, but still shows the power/voltage/frequency.

Failing this, I will ask them to check each inverter independently. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.

Multiplus-IIinput current
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Hi, I had the very same setup and found the AC reading were incorrect. I removed the Energy meter and found the readings were correct. I suspect the GX AC input adds the EM readings. So no need for the EM.

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Thanks for you response @Denzel , the system needs the external EM24. The customer blanked the Multiplus setup and started the parallel software setup from scratch and this seems to have fixed the issue. I can only think some kind of glitch with the setup caused the cumulative AC monitoring across the parallel Multis to be incorrect.

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Great Stuff

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