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Question about load output and low temp cutoff with BlueSolar w/ rev2 smart dongle and smartshunt.

With the following equipment...

  1. 500 amp smartshunt
    1. with optional temp sensor
  2. BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15
    1. with VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle Rev2

My understanding is that I will be able to setup the ve network over BT and setup low temp cutoff on the MPPT. (i don't have the smartshunt yet to try it)

My question is, would it be in anyway possible to control the load output on the MPPT charger based on temperature?

My use case would be controlling battery warming via the load output and only having it turn on below a certain temp. I know this can be achieved in other ways, but I thought since it has some other voltage based algorithms for controlling it, it might be possible. Would be a very slick way to control heating on lifepo4 batteries.

Thank you for your time. Really loving the software and capabilities of the Victron system.


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