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[Project Proposal] Mobile CCTV

Hi Guys,

We have a client that wanted to have a mobile cctv like on the below picture. They wanted to integrated the location of the inverter,charge controller, batteries and pv modules on the mobile itself.

What VE products of the below sysytem can suit the design, knowing that it will be placed regularly on extreme condition. Loads are run by AC.

Client's agree that they can modify the mobile wheel to put an enclosure on the PV equipments.

Load description:

Project: Mobile CCTV
Load; 3-Bullet Camera, 1-PTZ Camera, DVR and LED Light.
The total power requirement is 130W, the required back up time is 3days.

Please share your thoughts on this.


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My suggestion would be a battery bank with a usable size of 12Kw that should last 3 days with no sun shine. I would say a bigger inverter charger to allow for other unexpected loads from time to time and a inbuilt battery charger so you can charge it while its all folded up and parked in a shop somewhere

you are using around 3.6 Kw per 24 hr period with no sun

then 4 x 300 watt panels for charging (2 strings connected in series) you would need 4 as the average output would be around 6Kw per day (very ruff and will depend on were you are etc)

1 x 150/85 Mppt Smart solar regulator or 2 x 100/50

1 x 12.5 Kw 12 volt Lithium Phosphate battery bank with BMS

1 x multiplus 500Va this includes a 20 amp charger

or reduce the panels to 2 x 300s and the reg to 1 x smartsolar 100/50 Mppt, but this would not be self sustaining as the consumption would be more than the solar output, so regular recharging from mains would be required.

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