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Receiving NMEA2000 on a Microcontroller

Hi everyone,

I am working with a NMEA2000 Network with multiple GX devices. To each of the GX is one Smart Shunt connected. I am able to read the Data given out from the Shunts on the Network with my Micro-controller (Tiny Tiger 2 from Wilke Technology). My Problem that I can't seam to solve is that I do not receive the same amount of Data or NMEA2000 Packages from each Shunt. Which should be every 1.5 sec resulting in ca. 40 Packages every minute. I do not know if this Problem is due to the Hardware from Victron (Cerbo GX or Smart Shunt) or if it is a problem with my Micro-controller. Maybe someone in this Community could help me.

I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you


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