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Catch 22: must upgrade but can't upgrade 100/20 in remote location as Venus is powered by load output 100/20?


I have a small remote solar powered system using a 100/20. The loads are powered by the 100/20 so the loads can be disconnected to protect the LFP batteries.

I'd like to make a change to the settings but VictronConnect (via VRM) does not allow me saying "Settings disabled. Update to the latest firmware version is required in order to view, modify, load or save settings".

Clicking "Update" however appears to power the loads down (which includes Venus and the internet link) and hence the update can't proceed. A power cycle is required to turn everything back on and then we're back to square 1.

Traveling to this remote unit, for example to hook up a BT dongle so I can upgrade the firmware, is not feasible every time I'd like to make a change to a setting.

Is there a way to override the requirement to update? If not, should there be a way?

Or (maybe better): is it possible to not power down the loads while the upgrade is happening? A reset after the upgrade is obviously necessary and it's fine to power cycle the loads but only after the upgrade is done (and Venus/internet is not required for the upgrade at that stage).


Firmware Update Issue
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