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Is it allowed to connect a microgrid inverter to acout1 while using th Multiplus ii 3000 in Hub 1 mode?

I am running two pv systems in my House. Since 2011 a Grid tied inverter sma 2kwp. Since this year i also have the multiplus ii 3000 with 4kwp mppt 150/35 loading the pylontech batteries. The new system uses hub 1 mode which means tue multiplus only switches to the grid when the batteries are low or the load exceeds the power capabilities of the multiplus.

I would like to add mir pv power on the acout1. Anyone knows a solution for this?

Multiplus-IIAC PV Coupling
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Is there a reason you can't use ESS? Hub 1 has been Deprecated.
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The multiplus runs in hub1 mode because it should feed the loads in Island mode. If there is lack of power, it switches to the grid (pass through). ESS mode connects the Multi permanently to the net, which is Not allowed because i get money for the power produced by the grid tied part of the PV field.
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