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Multiplus 3 Wire Generator Connection- 'Common' where should it go?

Hi there,

fallowing 3 wires from switch, i know where should i connect start and stop wire from multiplus to generator but not sure where 'common' should go / how?

My gen has start stop system with remote and all so it's not complicated but 3rd wire aka common is what im not sure and i dont really want to blow up anything.

thank you

I believe @Matthias Lange - DE ll know the answer hah.

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the Multi plus units do not have a NO/NC relay. so add a external relay that is N/O/Com/NC and activates when the Multplus relay is closed, Its far easier to control this using a cerbo,

note most generators start/stops only want a momentary connection depending on brand, so I find this unit is also helpfull and easy to use, this just a link to read up on how this item works and see if its of help. I know it will have features you DONT need but just dont use the extra features thats all

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I actually bought cerbo for my 2nd Inverter!

Generator that Im using has start and stop push switch,

Green wire from switch on generator activates relay to start generator and stop it as well.

I believe I could hook up cerbo up to this signal wire?

Start stop system on generator ofc runs on 12v.

I've looked at cerbo manual on my phone but cannot see wiring diagram for pins. What goes where or I read it wrong.

(Page 5)

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this is the gen autostart relay on the cerbo


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Oh its said from top good stuff. I haven't received unit yet.
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