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Blue smart IP 22 12/15 (3) voltage display

Why do the voltage readings in the application and at the battery terminals differ by 0.1-0.2 v? I use a cable 6mm2, length 1m.

Is it possible to programmatically implement voltage compensation for the cable? I understand that I can compensate manually, but this is not the Victron level

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My theory is a rounding issue sometimes.

I sometimes get different readings even between two multimeters of 0.1v and to be honest 0.1v does not make much difference in battery charging. As most batteries have a range to select from.

If the battery has stopped drawing current it is charged.

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What is most critical is what is the voltage (not during charging)at the Battery terminals? Is it within the manufacturer specifications? If it is then your battery is charging fine.

If the reading is different between the battery terminals and the charger terminals, then the setup needs some modification.

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добре, але я використовував простіші зарядні пристрої, і вони не мали такого ефекту. У Victron напруга в додатку при підключенні акумулятора відрізняється від напруги на контактах зарядного пристрою на 0,06 В. Тоді як на клемах акумулятора, залежно від струму, різниця може досягати 0,21 в. Замінено кабель на 10 мм2. Ніякого результату.

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Ohm's Law affects voltage drop through a cable. It is directly related to the amount of current passed through the cable. V = IR. cabling and correct crimping are very important in these applications. The book linked at the end of the article is very helpful.

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I think you can use the Victron Bluetooth smart battery sense unit, setup the network then it will use that device as the reference voltage


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