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Upgrading my solar system, what extra would i need? Im making this right?

If something wrong here on my diagram please let me know,

Fallowing calculator i need; SmartSolar MPPT 150/85

But with one should i go for?

SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 MC4

SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 Tr

SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 Tr VE.Can

Or what other way can i hook up all panels to use directly 'power from sun' of all 25 panels using inverter / not batteries(batteries as backup) with im more interested with/



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Smart Solar MPPT 150/85 Tr and Smart Solar MPPT 150/85 MC4 are the same MPPT. Tr version has screw terminals for the PV input and the MC4 version as MC4 connectors.

The VE.CAN version as CAN bus com port but since you don't have a GX that wouldn't be used and would just add cost.

You should add a fuse from the MPPT to the battery bank and possibly surge protection and a breaker on the PV side of the MPPT but other than that this diagram would work.
The way off-grid systems work, which I am sure you know is that they will run the loads from PV or battery. If there is enough PV then the it will run the loads directly, if there isn't enough PV then the batteries will be used, if there is extra PV it will be used to charge the batteries.

Hope that helps.

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Yeah it helps help big time (and save money haha)

So simply as power ll go through batteries straight to inverter and inverter gonna use this power that's sounds amazing for me.

Ok at the moment i have fuse, surge protection between battery bank and inverter that im running, but i don't have breaker between PV and MPPT! looks like i need to get it.
Does it makes difference- need any special or just match Amp and Voltage?

I also have another question, hopefully simple as well,

My battery bank is 24 OPZS bats (with goes up to 56V) i bought another bank of 11OPZS (24V) is there any way / possibility to hook it up or do i need batteries ?
My old bank is 130a per battery, new bank is 350a per battery.

Thanks a lot!

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You don't need surge protection between Battery and Inverter, unless we aren't talking about the same thing. Surge protection is normally between Panels and MPPT to protect against nearby lighting and between Inverter and loads or Inverter an AC input, like grid or generator.

As for circuit breakers you will want something that is DC rated, sized to your wire size and MPPT input whichever is lower.

Unfortunately I can't help with batteries, I don't have any experience with OPZS batteries, I only do lithium. I would post a new question asking that.

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Yeah i got what you are saying. (its 04:30 so its time to sleep for me) and yes- i mixed up descriptions.

Thanks a lot. big help!

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