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Allow ESS functionality in a Mobile system

The ESS system has many great features, however we are not allowed to use ESS in an RV/boat. Presumably, this is related to the ESS system's ability to feed power back into the grid and unplugging an RV from it's power source could be dangerous.

Instead, why not provide an item in the Multi configuration that disables the ability to feed any energy into the grid. For example, the Grid Code could be set to "No Feed-in".

This would prevent someone accidentally changing a setting in Venus that would enable feed-in.

When I camp with shore power available, I'd like to be able to put my RV electrical system in a mode that favors PV power (MPPT controller) over grid power. Non-ESS behavior prioritizes grid power over PV power when feeding AC loads. I've tried "Ignore AC input" but that has other side effects such as making the grid power availability disappear.

I'd also like all charging sources synchronized as they are in ESS. Even with voltages set identically, the Multi and MPPT charging modes generally differ.

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