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My cabinet build.

Inspired by @Markus 19" cabinet build, I thought I'd build one for myself.
I already have a 19" rack which used to be in a now decommissioned television station.

I decided to paint the old rack and mount some wheels to it.


Then I planned and fabricated some mounting bays for the equipment to me mounted to.


Once I had finished the drilling and milling operations I set about painting the parts.
After some careful consideration, I settled on a certain blue colour that I really like. The paint code is RAL5012 if anyone is interested.


Next, check that the parts fit into the 19" frame.


Now the fun begins with all the wiring.
I made up a fuse box and mounted it at the rear. Then I started terminating all the high current cables in here. Mark your fasteners so that you know that they have been torqued correctly. This helps you to sleep easily during the night.


Also made up a rear panel for all the external connections to connect to


Some PV strings are combined onto these terminal blocks. Other strings pass straight through the terminal blocks.


Cables from the PV terminal blocks then go to their respective charge controller positions.


Then start to wire up the charge controllers.


I mounted the CerboGX at the rear also and ran the data cabling over to it.


Here. all of the charge controllers are in place. I have several arrays dotted about. Two south ones, one east and one west. Each of those arrays gets its own controller.


Now on to mounting the MultiPlus.


Now all of the components are installed, give it a bit of juice to test it all lights up as it should.


Then button it up, put the blank panels and sides on to finish it off.


system design
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Eduard avatar image Eduard commented ·

Well done with your project, it is very neat and the blue colour add value.

Tell me how do you think about ventilation if the system is running at full power?

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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ Eduard commented ·

The equipment is keeping very cool. If it is sunny, then my MultiPlus will be going 100% for hours and it is quite happy with this. The warm air from the MultiPlus is directed through the big holes in the side walls which are aligned with the exhaust holes of the MultiPlus.

The MPPTs are running very cool, but they don't have see maximum power yet.

There are temperature sensors at the top and bottom of the cabinet also.

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Warwick Bruce Chapman avatar image Warwick Bruce Chapman commented ·

"After some careful consideration, I settled on a certain blue colour that I really like."


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markus avatar image markus ♦♦ commented ·

Well done Warwick.

I love the technical beauty of this cabinet.

Really good work, you can be proud of!

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kogir avatar image kogir commented ·

Your build looks incredible! What number labels did you use to identifying the cables? I’d love to use them in my next project.

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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ kogir commented ·

I used Hellerman Tyton slide on cable markers.

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