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AC-coupled + Fronius smart meter

In the "AC-coupled PV with Fronius PV Inverters" article it mentions that the Fronius smart meter can not be used and I can't seem to load the microgrid flyer referenced.

Hoping on some more information regards this as I already have one installed at export point.

Is it the case that the Victron setup just needs own version of smart meter or is it something with the configuration that stops the smart meter working with the Fronius?

Could it be relocated to just monitor one circuit?

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It is the case that the Victron setup is only configured to communicate with Victron Smart Meters and certain models of Carlo Gavazzi meters:

Fronius must have changed their web site so the link no longer works.
Here is an English version:

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Thanks for the fast response.

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So, any news on this topic? I have a Fronis Primo connected on the AC-out of a Multiplus. On one side I would like to add a meter for measuring the imported/exported energy from/to the grid, and second I've learned that using a Fronius Smart Meter in collaboration with a Fronius Ohmpilot, I could use the extra energy to heat up the water in my Viessmann boiler, So instead of adding two meters, for financial reasons, I would go with only one, and this would be the Fronius.
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