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Changes to Mods Space - New content and no longer on the front page

After 1 week the Mods space is off to a great start.

It seems to be working so well that Matthijs has suggested we try moving the discussion that was previously on a seperate Victron Developers email list group over to Mods on Victron Community instead.

What this will mean is a lot more content and users for the Mods space. They will be creating the kind of content that is extremely specific and technical.

With those additional users and the specific technical nature of their questions and answers, I am going to be removing the Mods content from the front page.

This also fits with the “supportive, not supporting” attitude that Victron needs to maintain with these experimental customised systems.

From now on, to see the Mods space content you will need to go to that space specifically.

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can also FOLLOW the space, which will send you an email (usually a single daily digest) of the Mods activity.

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