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Does Victron have a library of 3D components that can be used in CAD software, eg. Solidworks?

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3D technical drawings - Missing SmartSolar 250/85 & 250/100 Tr

For a new project we'll have to integrate the power plant into a BIM model, so I had a look at in general.

On a side note: Quattro STP drawings are ok, but DWG data seems garbled up after import in FreeCAD. I'll ask around in the FreeCAD community what could be the cause, of course.

Next, I'm interested in the SmartSolar 250/85 and 250/100 Tr models, so I import

Unfortunately, the imported model(s) seem to be a melange of various MPPT components, none of which show a whole 250/85 or 250/100 device:


Could someone from Victron please verify that the offered model is as intended?

BTW: "topics are required" - yeah, but no "3D", "technical drawings" etc. available; if I enter "specifications", it gets changed to "autotransformer" :-P

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