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UPS mode in Quattro

Hi, @mpvader this is continuation from Disqus thread ... I want to use the Quattro to supply / protect sensitive equipment. I have 3 questions related to this:

1. There are settings in VEConfig for undervoltage and overvoltage, but no setting for frequecy tolerance - the only setting I see is to select wide range, or standard - does anyone know the tolerance +/- allowed from 50Hz before unit rejects AC input and goes into UPS mode ?

2. Anyone know the power quality of the generated sinewave when in UPS mode? Has anyone ever done a waveform capture?

3. finally is there a way to make the Quattro accept AC input to charge batteries but remain in UPS mode - i.e. to effectively act like a double conversion UPS, so AC in does not power loads, only charges batteries, and the Quattro generates the AC waveform - i.e. isolation from mains?


MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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I realise the you are waiting for @mvader to answer, but maybe he is busy.

1) According to the Quattro manual there are input ranges of 45-65Hz, 45-55Hz and 55-65Hz
So, with the box un-ticked I would say 45-55Hz.

2) It depends on how reactive the load is. Below is an oscilloscope capture from my 3KVA MultiPlus driving a 2.2KW electric iron. As expected, you can see a pure sinewave, and you can also see that the grid is disconnected and the transfer switch is open, inverter only.

3) No, once the transfer switch is closed then AC-OUT will be the same as AC-IN.

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@Wkirby thank you for this, and sorry for taking so long to send thanks - but that is exactly what I was looking for - much appreciated

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