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How does the Orion TR smart work (vs Sterling A to B)?

I’m looking for a solution to improve charging performance when using the alternator. I have an 115A alternator that starts charging with 25A and quickly goes down. All current equipment is Victron incl 2x AGM supercycle 170

I came across the Sterling alternator to battery charger. This one tricks the alternator by pretending a low voltage and having the alternator increase its power, running way over my current 25A.

I’m trying to compare this device with the Victron Orion TR Smart, but can’t seem to find how it actually works.

Main question; if I apply a 12/12-30 will the change current then be 30A and remain at that until the battery is charged (quickly) to 100%

How does it work? Same as Sterling by fooling the alternator with a lower voltage?

If you use 2 in parallel (or 3) can you multiply the output then?

Will it become part of the Bluetooth network (BMV712 and 3x MPPT’s)?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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