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YAGD Grafana Dashboard

Hi there,

I just wanted to share my grafana dashboard - currently the tags are in German, but I can also make an english version if there is some interrest for it. It has:

2x MPTT (150/60 and RS450/60)

Pylontech Battery

Graphs for 3P MP-II/3000 for individual inverter power, grid monitoring and output load curves

Some stuff is color coded to my liking, but that can be easily modified.

The dashboard also displays consuption and export to the grid accurately and sums up everything. I also have a dump load heater installed to store the excess PV thermally for the heating system of our house - so this part might have to be removed if not present.





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and heres the dashboard file - i could not upload the ".json" so i renamed it to ".txt" Victron Solar-1621341664634.txt

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