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Orion TR setup

Hi all. I have installed a Orion TR B2B and would like some advice on the settings.

I have an AGM battery. I setup the setting on the pre-set AGM spiral cell setting which will be the following.

Absorption voltage 14.7v

Float Voltage 13.8v

Bulk time limit 10h

re-bulk voltage offset 0.4v

adaptive absorption time on

max absorption time 6h

We run our battery down by 12% which is shown on our capacity gauge. When we was driving at first it was charging all ok then at 91% charge the B2B stopped charging saying the battery was fully charged. Not good as it was not fully charged.

I do not know what setting to change so I changed it to Factory default and it started charging again but factory default states LifePo4

Setting for this are

Absorption voltage 14.2v

Float Voltage 13.5v

Bulk time limit greyed out

re-bulk voltage offset 0.1v

adaptive absorption time off

Fixed absorption time 2h

What should be my ideal setting as at the moment I am not getting 100% charge making this device unusable

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randy-putnam answered ·

Hmmm. How old is that AGM? Running it down to 12% doesn’t sound optimal to me, who has always thought that 50%. is a better stopping point. Do you have the battery specs or can you get them? This would give you a battery idea of bulk, absorb and float parameters for the Orion. Are you charging the AGM off your starter battery? From first glance I think your absorption and float voltages may be a bit low. Don’t use the default setting for LFP, but set the parameters based on your AGM specs. Finally, you may have to recalibrate your battery monitor to get a setting of 100% SOC when the AGM is fully charged.

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