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MultiPlus 24/3000 120 ESS configuration

I want to buy a MultiPlus 24/3000 120V, but need to know if it can be configured to do the following:

I have four 12V 200 Ah LiFePO4 batteries in 2S/2P for a 24V system.

2000W solar array with a Victron Energy Blue Solar 150/70 SCC.

Cerbo GX, 500A SmartShunt, and Smart Battery Sense.

Dedicated 50A electric circuit for the inverter/charger.

I would like to set the inverter/charger to use the battery/solar as priority power source. Have the batteries charge per the SCC during the day, and use grid power to assist solar or fully charge the batteries only when the solar can't keep up and/or the battery bank SOC drops below 24V.

I hope I was able to explain that in clear terms and would appreciate it if someone can give me some insight if this is possible. My research led my to several possibilities with VEConfigure assistants and ESS.

Anyone? Thank in advance.

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3 Answers
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Alexandra answered ·


It is 100% possible.

You can download the ve config and make a fake 24v system to play around with the ess assistant and see how to program it before doing anything on the Victron itself.

Training is also available if you would prefer working through it that way.

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repro answered ·

I already had it all ordered with cables/adapters, however the dealer (according to them, the largest VE dealer in the US) lead me to believe they were going to help me, and at the last minute before it was to be shipped, told me I was on my own. They even advertise free VE programming on their web site. They were only going to set up the battery charging parameters. I can do that myself easily.

This is one reason that I am very skeptical. If I run into issues, there is no support. I hope you can understand my hesitance. Thanks Alexandra. I am going to have to think this over and do more comparisons with other systems.

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I do understand. Its a big investment.

The only thing you would need help for may be the wiring of electrics. Make sure its up to code and safe. The rest there is support here on the community. Everything is open source.

I learn by doing, so the many reading resources I found can be overwhelming. That is why i liked the feature of the demo mode on the software.

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I have been doing a lot of research, and talking to LOTS of VE dealers. None of the dealers even have anybody with enough knowledge to help me. They all say "that can easily be done with the MultiPlus", but none knows how. So it can't be easily done. It is frustrating.

As far as wiring goes, that is all done and up to code. My array has been soaking up the sun for nothing for over three weeks. I am looking for a replacement inverter/charger. My fears of buying a VE unit is getting bigger as the dealers make it worse. I feel that you are literally on your own with VE. I can't find one dealer who can offer full support.

I want to thank you Alexandra for your input, and as you see, you are the only one. It feels lonely, and that is making this too hard, Maybe you should start a VE support system and get paid for your knowledge. There is no doubt you would be busy 24/7.

It's also really frustrating for me to hear that the dealers are not willing or can't help a potential customer. I don't realy understand it apart from that they are probably only interested in a sale. That's not how I think they should be operating.
I think they should be offering asurances to prospective clients and stand behind the products that they sell.

The VE world can be a bit daunting because of the mutitude of individual pieces of equipment that can be used to make up multitudes more bespoke individual designs.

This community is a great soure of online support, they are may people here, myself included, who enjoy helping people solve their problems.
Sure, it's not quite the same as having a representative of the company from whom you purchased the equipment on the end of the phone, but we do our best to help.

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Thanks wkirby as well. I do not understand it either. As a matter of fact, most dealers for any brand cannot even answer most questions about the products they sell. They are just product pushers.

I firmly believe that this forum is a great place for help, but in a pinch, I need product support. This is not cheap hardware, and I expect some professional support. I can tell you all first hand, that most people here who offer help are MUCH more qualified than the people I now know who sell this equipment.

I hope I do not upset anyone, but I may be going with a German engineered product from Phocos. I can directly get help from the dealer who knows a lot about the product, and I can call and talk to the engineers based in Pheonix AZ for help. I lived in Germany for over 20 years, and I know Phocos as a well established company today with roots in solar charge controllers. They are very well known in Europe, and I would be willing to bet some of their technology was used in early VE hardware.

I am still undecided, but VE and Phocos are my last two candidates. I may be calling on some help if I go with VE. Thanks again!

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repro answered ·

Thank you Alexandra for the input. I spent over 9 hours reading the information, especially the VE ESS manual. I started taking notes, and now there are so many variables that the installation seems to be getting really complicated.

I underestimated the complexity compared to my last system. I do feel that VE makes great products, that is why I have invested in some of them. But it seems the more you invest, the more complicated it becomes. I am getting really frustrated and I am no longer sure VE is the way to go.

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It is a lot to take in all at once. There is plenty of help (like this community) and resources ranging from short videos to longer lessons. I found once I had my basic system and got a handle on things there I found more and more to do with it and add on, it became easier.

The basic plugging together is fairly simple. It is easier when you have all the parts in front of you. Not sure how you are purchasing the system but from a good sales or dealer close to you they will be able to assist you in buying all the cables for communication and help with design - maybe even programming.

repro avatar image repro Alexandra ·

I have experience with solar as I designed and installed what I have. An friend who is a certified electrician helped, and everything is up to code and inspected. Installing the unit is the easiest part as the complete wiring, breakers/fuses, grounding, dedicated AC circuit, array with combiner box/lighting arrestor, it is all there. My last inverter was causing problems and had to be removed. There was an issue of feedback with two refrigerators (inductive motors) running at the same time. The feedback caused harmonic distortion with the frequency and voltage, and both were wildly jumping all over casing serious issues. It had to go. We tested with a 2200W inverter I have for my RV, and the problem disappeared. So the last inverter just wasn't good quality.

I have no VE dealerships close to me, so I am left with dealerships on the internet. My closest VE dealer is over 70 miles away (Boat Sales), and they are clueless. I don't understand that they can sell VE equipment. I am still looking for a replacement.