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ESS Optimized GPS / Sunset / Soc

I put differents ideas in this post because each small idea can become one big.

- ESS ( MII + 2 MPPT + Battery + Venus) installation in house

- Electric subscription with full price during the day and low price during night ( 22h-7h)

- For optimize price, it's better to charge battery at night for use it between 7h and sunrise.

Idea is to calculate Soc is needed at morning for put in ScheduleCharge.

Part1 (GPS)

Have fix GPS. Just need to add GUI screen for enable fix GPS and enter lat/long. GUI is available only if no GPS connected to GX.

Part2 (Sun)

In meteo or another screen, have the sunset/sunrise (very easy to calculate with GPS

Part3 (Energy)

Take energy counters at 7h (end of schedulecharge)

Calculate deltas.

With deltas and battery capacity, calculate Soc needed.

Part 4 (ScheduleCharge Soc)

ScheduleCharge accept value 'SunRise'

Put this CalculateSoc+BLMinSoc to schedule charge

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