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can i set my charger to charge the Ah of a battery quicker?

I have a BSC IP65 24/8 charger for my 24V 75Ah mobility scooter (my original scooter charger is a 24v 5A charger). Problem I see is once it reaches the high end of it's charge cycle the Ah of the batteries are about a 3rd of what I need to get full milage from the batteries.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or what I should realistically expect?

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Al answered ·

Are you hoping it charges more quickly? Are you charging fully? It will take 8 hours or so to fully charge from 50% discharge assuming it's a lead battery. Longer if it's drained lower and not normally best practice if it is drained lower.

Is the absorption charge voltage 28.8v? Is that what your battery recommends? A higher voltage will charge a bit more quickly but can damage the battery if to high or shorten the battery life. A bit more info is needed to understand what settings and batteries you have and what the issue actually is.

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Hi Al, thanks for the response.

Yes, I am definitely hoping it charges quicker (as in the Ah are replenished quicker. It's charges to voltage fine but the Ah are "lacking". The batteries are in my mobility scooter so if I go out for a normal day I can cover 20km's easily).

The batteries are lead acid (2 x 12v 75Ah AGM deep cycle batteries). The scooter has a range of 50km between charges. I do on average at least 20km most days but can easily do 30km in a day.

The absorption voltage of 28.8v, correct. I have no idea what the battery recommends to be honest. Will try to find out

The issue is once the batteries are charged (and the cycle has completed) I am not getting the full range of travel on the scooter, barely even getting 10km travel on it most days

edit * i should add that this is using the "high" charge preset at 8A *

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That's a good mileage you do! Assuming the charge settings are correct for the battery, (28.8 should be fine) then it's most likely either the batteries are old / have not been regularly charged fully or have been drained below 50% regularly (around 24.3v less will drastically shorten their lives) and are not holding as much charge (useable Ah) or they're suffering due to cold weather (which has a big impact on lead acid batteries) or both.

How old are the batteries?

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the batteries are a month old and the charger is 2 weeks old. I live in the northern part of Australia where it rains maybe a month each year and the rest of of the year is blue skies and a nice sea breeze

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