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External energy meter and grid set point


I am not sure i understand, if i set the grid set point to 50W then i set the Energy Meter to external what happens then ? If i set the grid set point using dBus or MQTT then i need to make the phase calculation myself as described in the ESS manual ? Is that what ESS does when it has energy meter itself, it sets the grid setpoint dynamically based on the loads on the phases that it's told or am i misunderstanding ?


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@mvader (Victron Energy) do you have an idea ?

Essentially what i want to do is this, i have an energy meter from the utility company (Kamstrup Omnipower) which has a small module i bought which has Modbus TCP, i can read the values from it, can i push these values to the Victron system somehow so i don't need a energy meter which would measure exact same thing ?



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Hi Peter, well... maybe. Looks that this meter allows to be queried for its values, right?

In which case you're best of by making a python script that does that and then publishes this data within Venus OS on the GX Device.

The suggestion you made, by having something writing the values to the GX device using ModbusTCP won't work; at least not simply: there are no modbusregisters to which you could write that data.

If you go the python script route, take a look at the dbus-modbus-client python code. You'll find it on your GX Device (its not on github at the moment).

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ps. that script already has code to read (other) energy meters over modbus, both a modbus rs485 one and an ethernet one.

and another update, the code is now hosted publicly as well for your perusal. See here:

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Great stuff @mvader (Victron Energy), i will have a look at it and maybe i'll come back with more questions, thx a lot.