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Quattro LED flashing in sequence - Overload & Low Batt

Hi Victron Team - thanks for prev answers.

An installer called yesterday re a 10kVaQuattro, 8xBYD 2.5, (Two wire install) Fronius install (off grid, no 3G yet) . Running well for 6mths, customer been away for a week, on return turned hws and other loads back on. Homeowner called installer re - The Quattro shut down with Overload and Low Batt LED's flashing in sequence and inverter led off. Installer checked - VictronToolkit shows this as High DC Ripple. Manual says check all batt connections. Installer attended the site for 4hrs. All 8 BYD battery leds are reporting the same and operational. Checked Two Wire connections. Batt voltage 52v, Soc 70%. Installer checked all loads removed. Continued to power cycle Quattro to check if fault cleared but didn't. Set up VE Config w laptop, reloaded VE config file. No change. Loaded new frimware on QUattro and VE config file. Removed AC Output and AC Input cables to fully isolate Quattro. No change. The only thing that would clear the Overload & Low Batt lights was to pull the two wire to T1,2, T4,5 to BYD BMU but Quattro would not power up. Considered changing the install from Two Wire to DVCC but didnt have 3G connection or micro SD to update CCGX firmware.

Any suggestions?

David DPA Solar

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Definitely recommend a full firmware update and moving to DVCC. Then remove the Two Wire and monitor closely.

This BYD Victron Page is the current recommended configuration. Bring the equipment up to date before attempting to trouble shoot other issues.

DC ripple can occur from DC wires from the battery to the inverter being too long, and/or too small.

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