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Orion TR Smart - with or without Cyrix??

I have am adding a 24v lithium bank (for refrigeration use) and 3kw inverter/charger 120v system to a boat that has a robust AGM 24v house battery bank and it's own shore power/ generator 220v charger. In addition, the house battery system is charged by the engine alternator.

In addition to shore/generator 120v charging, I would like to be able to use the alternator power to charge the new lithium bank while the engine is running (and the generator is not running). I am planning to install an Orion TR Smart 24/24 Isolated DC-DC charger. Few questions:

  1. The most applicable Victron schematic indicates use of a Cyrix LI charger. Is this necessary? What is its function of a "Cyrix"?
  2. How can I be sure and protect my engine alternator from being overloaded? If I am connecting the input positive lead to the house battery system (through a battery switch), am I not immediately overloading the alternator?
  3. Does the Orion properly account for the fact that my house batteries are AGM and my new bank is Lithium through the Victron Connect settings? (i.e. avoiding damage to my lithium batteries)
  4. If I am running the engine and alternator, as well as the generator while underway, my system would charging both through the Orion and through the 120v Inverter/Charger. Is this a concern?

For reference I have attached a schematic (Trollin South Schematic.pdf )of my system including the Cyrix LI Charge (that I am questioning if needed) indicated in Victron's schematics.

Advice greatly appreciated.

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Im working on this 3-bank, mixed-type issue now with my new system. Any progress on your question?

Currently I'm planning on using the Orion DC-DC units from the starter bank to charge with the alternator, but that doesn't solve the problem of charging the house and thruster banks from solar and wind. Should I connect the MPPT to the starter battery as well and charge the other banks using the Orions? Also what is the difference between using the Orion and the Cyrix battery combiners?

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