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Is Orion TR Smart 12/12-30 Isolated enough?

I’m installing a LFP House Bank (2 100AH Battle Borns in parallel) in my boat. The engine battery will remain FLA. I charge the house bank with 370W of solar via Victron 100/30 MPPT. I will add BMV712 and already have Victron Battery Sense. Engine bank is charged via 70A “dumb” alternator. I will add the Orion 12/12-30 isolated input from the engine battery(FLA) and output to the LFP house bank. All of these Victron components are/will be configured via Victron Connect. Do I need Cyrix-Li-Ct between these banks or is my plan ok? Please advise


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Hi no you don't need the cyrix in the system as the batteries your using have internal BMS.

However you might want to have a look at the recent blog on victrons site explaining the installation on a very similar system to yours on a yacht and the problems they had with a low power alternator supplying enough juice.

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Thanks for your information and link to the blog. My engine/alternator running time is usually under 2 hours per trip, as our boat is on an upstate NY lake. The solar bank is fed via 370W (max) PV into Victron MPPT 100/30 I installed this past spring and is big enough to keep the current 228AH FLA battery bank adequate SOC. I think that set up will be ok for the new 200AH Battle Born house bank. The 70A Arco “should” be fine as I’m not relying on it for charging the LFP bank, except for brief amounts of time. Most times away from the boat its at the dock plugged into 120V/30A power pedestal which can feed the battery charger, planned to be dedicated to the LFP house bank. I noticed that blog mentioned that their solar had not been installed/hooked up. We’ll see what develops next year.

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