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BMV-712 and resetting minimum low voltage

In the history of the BMV712 under battery voltage there is a register showing the Min battery voltage.

is there a way to reset that register only, as it would be handy from time to time to see how this progresses.

as currently its showing a stupid low figure and I would like to see the real daily low figure.

or a daily high and low would be nice as well as a feature request in the future.

even a reset on all those history figures under battery voltage would be nice from time to time.

for that matter a deepest discharge reset would also be nice.


BMV Battery Monitor
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Paul,

The procedure to clear the history is in the manual in section 4.2.5 - Miscellaneous

This needs to be done on the unit itself (not via the app).

Unfortunately it isn't possible to selectively clear individual values from the history, it is all or nothing. There is a little bit more info on this previously answered question -

The MPPT has more memory and is able to give a much better range of data in terms of usable battery maximums and minimums. Or you could get a Venus-device and be in data heaven :)

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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·

I have ordered a new Multiplus II 48/5000 plus a venus GX so will be having data heaven soon. and another learning curve

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Sorry, but the min/max voltage variables are rather useless when they can't be reset independently from other data. Except from clearing out exceptional/erroneous values IMHO they need to be cleared regularly to make sense, e.g. in the summer I'm not interested what minimum voltage I had in the winter and ehat maximum voltage vice versa. That doesn't hold for other historical data like cumulative Ah and total energy. Thus being able to only clear all historical data at once leaves me with the choice between pest and cholera. For me the only solution is to ignore the useless min/max values (as well as the cycles/avg. Ah which would be useful if they were not always are zero here) and head for the Venus OS.

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kuchenmasl answered ·

Hey there, is there any update? Possible to reset single values now?

What happens to the data in the vrm.portal after resetting the bmv 702? Will the new values overwrite the data in the vrm.portal? Is there any way to save the data on another way from the bmv 702 before reseting? (total amp h drawn, kwh charged, kwh discharged etc.)

Thanks in advance


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mark-a avatar image mark-a commented ·

You can always take a screenshot, no special functionality necessary on the Victron side.

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