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Venus MQTT Instability - general problem ?

Venus GX, Version 2.57 (and 2.60 too):

I have substantial problems with my installation (see other topic, 3phase multipluss ESS with external control), but my installer will come today and update the multiplusses, so with some luck that might be fixed.

However, while doing extensive monitoring i found very strange problems in the MQTT communication of the Venus.

I am using MQTT to monitor the behavior of ESS (setpoints etc), and the following strange things happen:

a) sometimes values are delivered as nothing (NULL), not JSON formatted, breaking the MQTT protocol.

b) today i was able to capture, by chance, a broken MQTT message completely unrelated to setpoints (so no excuses that data would not be available or the like):

N/xxxxx/temperature/24/Voltage {"value": 4.7182979583740234}

N/xxxxx/vebus/261/Hub4/L2/CurrentLimitedDueToHighTemp {"value": 0}

N/xxxxx/vebus/261/Hub4/L2/OffsetAddedToVoltageSetpoint {"value": 0}


stem/0/Serial (null)

N/xxxxx/tank/21/Resistance {"value": 268.96328735351562}

N/xxxxx/tank/22/Resistance {"value": 268.73052978515625}

N/xxxxx/temperature/23/Voltage {"value": 4.7100486755371094}

The problem happens with 2.60 and 2.57 firmware, for me this looks like a memory or stack issue, something "bombing" memory .. the device really must know its serial number ?

This probably contributes to the problems of my installation.

Has anyone seen such a behavior ?
It is quite easy to write a script to subscribe to all topics and detect NULL values of data ..

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update: victron documentation says one should do a keepalive to keep the MQTT server reporting:

by doing

while :; do mosquitto_pub -m '' -t 'R/e0ff50a097c0/system/0/Serial'; sleep 5; done

This causes the empty Serial message.

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