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10kVA Quattro assistant behaviour inconsistent

Hi everyone

I have a 10kVA Quattro system i am working on. The previous installer had set a grid code which we do not want to use. We require no feedback. Owner gas no contact to previous installer so i do not have the password.

The customer requires the following:

1: proritise solar and batteries at low loads

2 when load is higher than 5000W switch to grid if available.

3. While connected to grid, charge the batteries.

There are 2 smartsolar chargers, a bluesolar charger, a 10kVA Quattro, venus gx, 200ah battery bank.

I used an assistant, self consumption hub 1. In order to avoid grid feedback, the deprecated one was selected. Set acout2 to loadshedding, connect to mains when load is higher tgan 5000W, disconnect when lower than 2500W.

The problem is that the quattro is not charging the batteries when on mains mode. Also the quattro is shedding AC2 with mains available which is not desireable.

Any other assistant is making the quattro try to feedback to grid, there will be a buzzing sound, overload LED then OFF due to overload. I'm sure its due to the wrong grid code selected.

Is this password unique to a unit and how can i get it if the dealer is unknown and previous installer unreachable?

Also does anyone have an extra algorithm to achieve the goal?


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