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Need Schematics for my expedition vehicle


I have knowledge of Solar system but not as detail. I am building my own van and identified below

major Victron products. I need a comprehensive diagram/schematic that show all equipment, wiring connections including, busbars, protection devices, fuses, batteries, voltage regulators, switches and etc. I like to create Bill of Material out of this schematic and use for the installation.

Your help is appreciated in advance

Major equipment

Lithium-Ion Battery Bank(s)- 2 parallel banks, 24V

Total usable battery capacity - 800Ah,20Kwh,24 Volt

Battery Management System - BMS Control Unit

Solar panel - 1 each large, 0.3kW

Solar panels- 4 each medium, 0.24kW (2 parallel sets)

Max. solar power - 1.3kW

MPPT solar controllers- 1x 150/35A + 1x 100/15A

Energy Color Control GX Panels

Charge rate (max.)- 28V, 120A

IDC/AC Inverter - Quattro 24V/5000VA/120

Inputs besides panels

1- Truck Alternator - 24V

2- Shore power - 230 V

3- Generator- 230 V

Output Voltages:

1- Stabilized 24V

2- Stabilized 12V

3- 24V

system design
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Vance Mitchell answered ·

You would be best to talk to your local victron dealer about your requirements and ask for them to create a diagram for you.

The guidelines mention this.

For a start point however, check out the Victron VW Van schematics and you might be able to modify to suit.

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many thanks for the response. I did contact them but either they want me to order parts first so they can provide the schematic or they don't know or don't want provide. Therefore, i am seeking help from community.

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Have you had a look through the Victron van schematics in the link I provided?

It might be fairly easy to adjust them to your needs.

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I don't have enough Victron products and technical knowledge and software to modify the schematic. Therefore, I am asking help from Victron community to provide me the schematic so I can comfortably order the parts per the schematic

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I think it's a bit unreasonable to expect the Victron community to do this for you. As others have said it's complex and one-off based on your requirements. If you can't find a dealer willing to do that then you should hire a consultant to do it for you.

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wkirby answered ·

Hi Kazim

This is a really big task. System designs are complex and often unique. Your particular requirements are intricate. Asking a community member to give up a lot of their own time to draw a schematic and make a BOM, remotely, without any knowledge or sight of the vehicle is very risky. There is a really big chance to get something wrong especially with the system complexity that you propose.

As a customer, you are supposed to tell your dealer what you want to have as the end result and they are supposed to design the system for you. They can inspect the vehicle and make informed decisions about what components will be needed. If something is wrong then they can fix it.

If that dealer does want to help you or he does not need your money then it would be better to approach another dealer who is more proficient.

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may thanks for the response. I saw more complicated schematic in community or in Victron website. Like Vance mentioned, it seems easy to modify one of existing schematic based on my requirements.

I contacted 3-4 dealers and I heard same or similar responses. Either, they are asking schematic from me, or are willing to provide the schematic once I cut the PO. I think Victron should step in this issue and make sure their dealers are willing to help their prospective customers.

so, Is there any one who is Victron dealer here and willing to help me and get business (order) from me??

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To answer that it would be good to know where you are from. :)

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Ah, so there were a few details missed.
Your design is high end, more than just a solar panel and a battery with some question about charge controller.
Your design requires a lot of hard work, I mentioned this before. Of course you can ask for a quote from several dealers, but you cannot expect them to submit hard earned schematics unless you have committed to pay. That's just business.

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With all due my respect, I am not asking detailed design but high level schematic. I am a project manager and know how business runs. If someone wants to make business , they need invest on their proposal/application engineers who can respond, generate proposal along high level schematics. This is how it is done in all of the industry. I guess the solar industry is working differently

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We provide our costumers wiring diagrams but only if they buy the stuff from us.

As Kirby wrote it can be very complex and will take a couple of hours to make a individual schematic.

No one will give you wiring diagrams for free and than you go to Amazon or eBay and buy the stuff there because it is a bit cheaper.

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kazim avatar image kazim Matthias Lange - DE ♦ ·


If somebody does that, that would be no brainer. I want to buy not only parts but technical service as well even may be installation service if the dealer offers.

Buying the system piece by piece would be very risky. Again, I wouldn't do that

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I am in disagreement. Best option in your case is to issue an RFP and see who is interested ;) As is typical for any large project, a proposal will incorporate a consultation and system design fee amongst many other things.

To safeguard yourself and also ensure warranty conditions are not breached, engage a professional.

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Yes, I agree.. I am giving RFP by providing list of major equipment's, lists, and outputs. I will also answer if they have any questions.. I am not talking million dollars engineered equipment RFP or contract like we do for major projects.

I guess I will study myself and develop my own schematic. it is not rocket-science and have tons of available info.. I thought some Victron products gurus may have similar schematic and just twist, revise based on my requirements.

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marekp answered ·

Why would you need this Quatro unit if you, apparently, need only DC output voltages?

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Sorry, I forgot to add 230V loads. We will need 230V as well. Good catch

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I am in similar situation with little twist :).

You are looking for help in completing parts for your project, before buying first components.

I already purchased main components, and even now have hard time getting help from Victron dealer.

It is true that I bought this stuff (2 x Multiplus-II, 1 EasySolar-II GX and MK3 interface) from the store who is getting them from Victron dealer, but the seller assured me that someone from Victron dealer will call me and answer my questions.

It has been 2 months and no contact from him.

No matter.

I decided to "go to school" and learn as much as I can about this system by reading Victron material on their website, and view the Victron Professional videos.

My system i slowly getting there.

My suggestion for you is to do the same, because later you will be able to fix the problems when they happen on your expedition.

Learn as much as you can before you buy anything.

You should start by establishing the facts.

1. What is your power consumption for each voltage?

2. How long your battery must keep you powered without being recharged?

3. How often you will have access to the sources of energy needed to charge this big battery?

For example:

Your PV has only 1.3kWp and realistically it will provide max 1kWp. This PV size will take more than couple sunny days to only charge your battery.

Truck's alternator is probably not big enough to fast charge your battery since it was not intended for this additional load.

As you can see, there are many unknown in your project, and I am not surprised that dealers you contacted where not eager to spent time on designing system with so many questions.

I wish you many happy days on your expeditions.

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spirou answered ·

While I don't think the dealers are being unreasonable, there are plenty of victron/non victron wiring schematics all over the web to modify from. Victron van is just one of them. another etc.

Victron, more than any similar company I know, provide plenty of free guides, examples and even extensive books such as wiring unlimited. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a custom design/build is outside the scope of "free".

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Kevin Windrem answered ·

Most projects start with a list of needs which then leads to potentially many sets of equipment. Starting with a list of equipment without also explaining how you got to that list would be concerning to me as a system architect. I would ask for the needs before starting work on such a project. A system architect may have alternate equipment choices to offer that better fit the system's needs.

A good architect would provide enough information to give a client "warm fuzzies" early on in the project before getting to details like equipment lists and schematics/line drawings. In many cases, a multiphase contract may be necessary each with it's own deliverables and cost. Each party could end the project at the completion of each phase without undue cost or effort.

Just my two cents.

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