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How much crictical loads possible / feasible?

Dear community,

I just got to own a Multiplus II in an ESS configuration with a grid tied 3 phase PV.

I run a few Pylontech 2000+ and am quite happy with it.

The only thing that I could not get answered anywhere is this:

How much loads on the "essential output" is recommended?

As of right now, I Run my whole house behind it that runs on a single phase instead of three as of normally.

For what I found I can run the 2400VA of the battery supported Multiplus II plus another 32A of power from the grid.

That makes close to 10kW and is totally fine for my needs.

All thee phase stuff (heating and car charging) runs still grid tied and not on the essential loads output of the multiplus II.

So... are there any drawbacks that I did not see, or find anywhere, that would hinder me in doing it this way?

Thanks in advance!


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