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How do I select what data and frequency I get from MQTT from VenusGX + SmartMeter (EM24)

I right now have a smart meter @RS485 going directly into my Raspi Smart Home Openhab solution, reading data every 15secs.

With moving towards ESS Multiplus II + VenusGX (EM24) i will most likely remove the current smart meter and replace it with the EM24.

So I will not be able to feed directly the Raspi with live data. My question is - how flexible can VenusGX be configured in terms of MQTT.

My best hope would be that I can select what data should be published (like only Power from MultiPlus, Battery SOC, Voltage,....and EM24 Power values)??? so i can filter which go to my Broker.....and on top that i can select how often MQTT messages should be every 15sec...or 30 or even only once per minute.

Is this a xmas whish or does VenusGX really support such flexible configuration?

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As far as I'm aware all GX's support MQTT and use the Mosquito broker. Unless I'm not understanding the question, you can choose to subscribe to the events you want and this will then limit what you read. The timing between events varies but if the Victron Grafana Docker dashboard events (Uses MQTT) are anything to go by, then most of the standard measurements occur at approx. 2 second intervals. The Venus pushes out dozens of measurements and these intervals will vary based on what they are and what you have attached to you installation.

You would have to configure your subscription or the calling code to only read every 15 seconds. Were you do this would depend on what solution/library you use to read MQTT

A list of DBus paths (Victron events) is found here:

I'm very impressed by the amount of data and measurements you can get out a Victron setup.

Hope that answers your question

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I checked on my MQTT explorer. The gap between events is a minimum of 2 seconds but then appears to be triggered by a change in a measurement. So my voltage measurements varied between 2 seconds and 20 seconds. It looks like 20 seconds seems to be the the maximum

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wow, thanks a lot for your detailed feedback.

and WOW again, i was not aware that VenusGX would play its own Broker, so it would not publish but the others would subscribe. Even if i do not have any Victron right now, already in love as an engineer about their massive playground.....

Thanks a lot for the information!

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