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Battery Cycling Recommendation - 2xPylontech US3000B

I have 2x Pylontech US3000B batteries totalling about 7kwh of storage. I also have grid-assist via a ET112 meter. All connected to a:

venus GX;

multiplus II 3000VA;

MPPT 150/45 with 2000w PV array

MPPT 150/35 with 1500w PV array

Currently: I cycle them ONCE daily, discharging down to 50%SOC around 4am, with a scheduled charge from 6am-4pm. This means the batteries are not discharged during this period ALTHOUGH they are usually as 100%SOC by 10am via solar charging.

Question: Is it advisable to allow a 2nd discharge during the middle of the day to assist the grid during water heating, say at 1-2:30pm?


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