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BMV-712 changing charged voltage after programming

I have been experiencing an issue where I program a BMV-712 meter with my phone, and set the charged voltage to 14.4, and after completing programming the meter will revert the charged voltage setting back to 13.2. It happens with every meter that I install, and only once. I can go back in an reprogram the voltage to 14.4 for a second time, and it stays that way. It seems to only happen if I install the meter, program it, and then physically navigate the menus on the meter itself. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or have any advice on whether I am doing something incorrectly?

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@Bend Battery this is certainly a new one to me... the only thing I can offhand think of that might cause this behavior is if you happen to be moving out of BT connectivity range -or losing your BT connection by allowing your phone screen to time out- while programming. It could be that the settings aren't being saved to the device because you may have inadvertently moved out of BT range or lost your BT connection to the device by allowing the screen to time out. In either case, I would expect the device to revert back to its most recent settings when connection was lost, which could possibly explain what you're experiencing.

Can you confirm the conditions under which you're doing your programming? Ie, does your phone screen time out at any point, or are you moving around in such a way that you could be dropping your BT connection?

Also, as a side note, may I ask what type of battery bank you're installing these on? Setting 14.4v for a charged voltage is extremely high; typically I would expect this to be set around 13.2- 13.8v maximum. Under very specific circumstances it might be necessary to set the charged voltage a few tenths of a volt under your system charging voltage - ie, 14.2v where your system charges at 14.4v, but those conditions are really quite rare. Please see section 3.7 of the user manual for further information on setting appropriate charged voltage.

It's vaguely possible that the BMV is rejecting your setting the first time simply because it's -generally speaking- far too high, and only accepting it the second time around because it sees it as a confirmation of the setting, but I haven't heard of anyone trying to set it that high on a 12v nominal system before, so I'm honestly not certain how the BMV will react.

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